Thursday , 29 February 2024
Thursday , 29 February 2024

Pro-Khalistan elements heckle Indian Envoy to the US

  • 28 Nov, 2023

The Ambassador’s visit to the gurdwara was to offer prayers on Guru Nanak Devji’s Gurpurab

The Rising Panjab Bureau

Pro-Khalistani elements’ sickening attitude was again at full display when they mobbed and jeered at the Ambassador of India to the United States of America, Taranjit Sandhu, when he visited a gurdwara in Long Island, New York to pay his obeisance.  The Ambassador’s visit to the gurdwara was meant to offer prayers on the auspicious occasion of Gurpurab of the founder of the Sikh religion Guru Nanak Devji.  Having no regard for the; pious occasion and despite the fact that the Ambassador himself is a devout Sikh, the group of extremist elements confronted and heckled him.  This led to the Indian Envoy leaving the Gurdwara premises with a view to avoiding any seen at a religious place.

Such scenes of Indian diplomats being shouted down and their events disrupted have now become a routine affair in some countries.  More unfortunate is the fact that the host governments have taken little pain in reining in such unruly and rowdy elements.  It was only 19 March this year in Vancouver when an event to welcome the Indian High Commissioner to Canada, Sanjay Kumar Verma by the Indian diaspora had to be canceled after a crowd of extremists ran over the venue of the event and physically thrashed the organizers and the invited guests.  Even after the lapse of more than eight months, no action against those involved has been taken by the police there! In a similar incident, the High Commissioner of India in Australia, Manpreet Vohra, and Consul General of India Sushil Kumar were also threatened by pro-Khalistan elements in July this year.  Indian High Commissioner to the UK, Vikram Doraiswamy also had to retreat from a gurdwara in Glasgow when he visited there to meet the community members in September this year.  

Indian diplomats for long have been visiting Gurdwaras and other religious places during their assignments in foreign countries not only to connect with the Indian diaspora but also to offer their prayers in their individual capacities.  However, of late, in countries like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia, the extremist elements have been brazenly obstructing the Indian diplomats from doing so.  As the pro-Khalistan elements run amok, the host governments watch silently.  This has encouraged these hoodlums to continue with their daredevil anti-India activities.  The trend is increasingly making it difficult for our diplomats to perform their official duties unhindered in foreign lands.  There is an urgent need to convey India’s strong objection to the countries where such incidents take place as this kind of behaviour of a handful of people cannot be allowed to go on forever.

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