Thursday , 29 February 2024
Thursday , 29 February 2024

Israel-Hamas War LIVE: Ceasefire likely to be extended on Day 4 of hostage exchange

  • 27 Nov, 2023

Israel-Hamas War LIVE: Hamas released 17 hostages, including a 4-year-old American girl, in Gaza on Sunday. Simultaneously, Israel freed 39 Palestinian prisoners on the third day of their truce. The International Committee of the Red Cross helped in the successful transfer of the hostages from Gaza. According to Hamas, the released individuals include 13 Israelis, three Thais, and one person with Russian citizenship. A fourth exchange is anticipated on Monday, marking the final day of the ceasefire, during which a total of 50 hostages and 150 Palestinian prisoners, mostly women and minors, are set to be released.

International mediators, led by the US, Egypt, and Qatar, are working to extend the ceasefire initiated on Friday. In a significant shift, Hamas expressed its intention to extend the deal by releasing a larger number of hostages.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in communication with US President Joe Biden, offered to extend the ceasefire by an additional day for every 10 hostages released by Hamas. However, he emphasized that Israel would resume its offensive vigorously once the truce concludes. Prior to the last release, Netanyahu, wearing body armor, visited the Gaza Strip, engaging in discussions with troops. “At the end of the day, we will return everyone. We are continuing until the end, until victory. Nothing will stop us.”

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